December 3, 2019

December Goals

It's always good to set goals, right?

December---Creative use of off camera flash!

Part of the reasons I'm doing a 365 project is to challenge myself. After a while, taking the same pictures of your kids every day gets kind of boring. I figured since it's only light for approximately 8 hours out of the day right now; what better time to play with my flash! I've been using flash for a bit now, but mostly on camera (especially for personal work). This month, I'll be trying to get it off camera a few times a week and see what kind of creative uses I can come up with!

Most of the shots here taken with my (new) Nikon Z6 with my 24-70 or 70-200 lenses.

boy eating candy while looking at camera wearing hat and winter jacket while riding bike with flash illuminating behind

Nikon Z6, 70-200mm lens, flash camera right facing camera.

boy in winter, gap hat on, red white and blue hat, boy with coat, winter coat toddler
toddler with bear hat looking up into hockey net
boy on bike riding bike at night flash behind toddler in pittsburgh
toddler on tricycle in winter at night riding bike around hockey net in pittsburgh
toddler on red tricycle in front of hockey net at night in winter
toddler boys on bike and tricycle in winter at night on cold winter night